Spiruway | House of Spirulina and Moringa based Snacks and Treats



About Spiruway

Spiruway was born to provide healthy , tasty and natural foods for all age groups. We focus on innovation and creativity to reintroduce sustainable , nutrient dense and diverse ingredients back into the diet. We love to use the superfood ‘Spirulina’ , which is the most potent source of nutrients. This superfood also has antioxidant , pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Spiruway is committed to improve the quality of your life by providing foods that are packed with love and goodness of nature that melts in your taste buds wanting for more.


Our vision is to be a leading lifestyle change catalyst, nourishing and nurturing the body and soul with healthy food to create wellness.



Our Mission aims at educating people on the importance of ‘We are what we eat’ and continue to bring you healthier foods that can conveniently fit into your busy lives.