Become An Affiliate


1) Commission Agents will not be a permanent appointed staff of Spiruway.
2) Commission Agent will be acting specifically for commission on sales contributed from their end and there will not be any fixed salary from Spiruway.
3) Spiruway will not be responsible for any acts of the commission agents by misrepresenting themselves as permanent staff of the firm.
4) The sales commission percentage allotted to all agents are as follows:

  • 01- 50 units – 5%
  • 51 – 100 units – 7%
  • 101-200 units – 10%

5) Delivery of the sales contributed by the commission agents will be directly executed either by the logistics partners of Spiruway or by the agents themselves.
6) It is the responsibility of the commission agent to communicate sales confirmation status with Spiruway on a constant basis.
7) The commission to the agents will allotted on every 15th day depending on the sales volume created by the respective agents.
8) The goods once sold will not be taken back by Spiruway.
9) Products damaged while delivery will be replaced within 7 days time.
Note: Replacement is subject to the product damage information conveyed within 2 days of delivery.
10) Any issues related to commissions allotted, should be reported with Spiruway within 7 days time.
11) The commission agents appointed for sales of spiruway are specifically to cater the local markets and not involved in the exports of the firm.

12) Spiruway has the right to cancel the service of commission agents anytime at the firm’s discretion.

13) Commission agents who fails to bring in sales for over a period of 60 days would be automatically terminated from the commission agents list of the firm.

I hereby accept the following Terms and Condition

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